Penguins Mating Facts | Finding and Mating For Life

You might be interested to know what such penguins mating facts are if you are a penguin fan. Penguins are super cute birds with a naturally calm personalities. Actually, they walk like a robotic pendulum in order to maintain their body balance.

This is because they walk on two feet and their arms are too short. Unlike mechanical robots these gentle robots have feelings. They fall in love and also mate in order to increase their number.

How Do Penguins Find a Mate?

Penguins Mating Facts

Generally, all the penguins that are from the same species look alike. It’s hard to differentiate which one is male and which one is female. But they recognize each other easily due to their unique scent. Males are slightly bigger in size and their beaks are also bigger in size.

Well, this is one of the unusual penguins mating facts. When there is mating season for penguins, they all gather. It’s like a party. Everyone is looking for someone. The female then chooses or is surrounded by some male Penguins. She gives them a try to attract her. They all perform a “courtship display” and the one who wins her heart gets the chance to mate that female.

Sometimes, there is a fight among male penguins for the same female. Obviously, the stronger one wins and the female goes with that one!

How Does a Male Penguin Attract a Female Mate?

Penguins Mating Facts

The first criterion for mating is strength. The female prefers the male which is bigger in size. The bigger male will be stronger and he can have enough strength to catch fishes that are necessary for them and for their future children.

The other criteria is a loud and deep voice. In the mating season, there are thousands of penguins at the same place, so it’s hard to find a partner when lost. So, females prefer the male with a loud and deep voice that can be heard from a distance and can be recognizable.

Male penguins know this. They try to fulfill these requirements. One of the amazing yet funny things about them is they flirt also! Shocked? The male penguins search for gifts to allure the female. They look for stones! They look for the smoothest and prettiest stone to give to the female and if she accepts it. The game is one!

One of the interesting penguins mating facts is, the male makes the nest earlier. He does it before choosing a mate. He tries to make it beautiful, durable, and comfortable. So, the female sees the nest in the last part of the test for choosing the mate and if she is satisfied with the efforts of the male, she is ready to make the bond with that male.

Do Penguins Mate With Dead Females?

Penguins Mating Facts

Many cases have been reported where the person was in his extreme mental disorder. One of them is Necrophilia. It is the condition where the person finds pleasure while mating with the dead bodies. It’s quite normal. But, there is a terrifying fact that will shock you! The penguins also do the same. Strange?

Scientists and Biologists knew this a century ago when one of the scientists watched this process live and documented it in his paper. However, his research could not be published because it was too difficult to accept this fact.

In this 21st century, where people are more curious to know nature, scientists inspired by that fact researched it again and found the same results. But, they do not know the exact reason behind this act. One explanation they give is, the penguins who indulge in such activity are young and inexperienced. They do not know the ethics that’s why they do it!

Do Emperor Penguins Mate For Life?

Penguins Mating Facts

Emperor penguins are known as emperors because they are the tallest among all types of penguins. However, their acts are also similar to an emperor. Just like a ruler, they change their females! Strange?

It simply means they do not mate for life. They are Monogamous. They choose a partner for a year. The reason behind it is very technical. As penguins have to gather in a big place and they have to migrate to that place for mating.

Many of the penguins die during migration and some of them are killed and eaten by their prey. So, they are unsuccessful in reaching their site. The other mate does not wait for long and when its previous mate is missing, they find another partner and they are good to go!

It is all about priority. And their first priority is “mate”, they do so instead of waiting! On the other hand, once a bond is formed, the loyalty remains until they are together.

Do Penguins Migrate To Mate?

When the surroundings are difficult to live the penguins must have to leave that area in order to survive. In the language of zoology, it is known as “migration”. It is a periodic journey as it has to be done again and again. They migrate for many reasons. For instance, food, temperature, mate.

One of the strongest things that make them move is the weather and ice. When the days become shorter and ice is covering everything, they must move to some other place where the temperature is according to them. As ice covers everything, there is nothing to eat. Water is frozen, no more krill (small fishes) for the party.

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In that extreme weather, they cannot mate too. So when the ice is melting they migrate there. They mate, make nests, lay eggs there, and leave. When the young ones are matured they also leave that area and migrate to some other place and when the mating season returns, they travel back and make a new family!

Final Thoughts!

Penguins do a march to reach their breeding site and they struggle a lot reaching and finding a mate. Both the partners have to put efforts for their next generation and this thing is appreciable!

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