How Much an Elephant Eats In a Day | Interesting Facts

Have you ever wondered how much an elephant eats in a day and what is the diet of the largest land animal? You would probably be thinking that there is a need for tons of food for those with large stomachs, but it is not as much as you might think.

What Fruit Do Elephants Eat?

Doctors recommend eating fruit salad for lunch because fruit is packed with vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, fruits do not give much nutrition to elephants. Only 10-15 pounds of their meal consists of fruit.

Their favorite fruits are apples, bananas, melons, pineapple, pear, and tomatoes. Generally, these fruits are given to the elephants when they are in their training phase for the circus or adapting for the zoo cage.

What Do Elephants Eat In a Jungle?

The jungle is full of a variety of food everywhere. Elephants enjoy a cocktail of multiple foods such as jungle plants, fruit, and vegetables. Their favorite food in the jungle is bamboo, sugar cane, tree bark, corn, leaves, bananas, etc.

No matter, how much an elephant eats in a day but only 40% of the food is digested in their bodies.

What Do Elephants Eat In The Savanna?

Savanna is a big stretch of grassland where trees and grass are abundant. But, trees and shrubs are not continuous as in forests. They are in the scattered form. Elephants can be seen grazing on the grass most often. They also eat some fruit and vegetables when they want to change their taste.

However, their eating priorities depend on the time of the year. It directly depends on the availability of the food in the specific season. For example, in the rainy season, there is a lot of grass everywhere, so they eat it.

In the dry season, there is not much grass, so they prefer eating woody parts of the tree such as twigs, branches, bark, and roots. That is how there is a balance in the availability of the food. When they eat grass, they eat grass only, the woody part is always there. There is no damage to it. When grass is scarce, the saved woody untouched diet is available. That’s how they survive in Savannahs.

The Favorite Food of Elephants

They love eating and you can estimate that they spend 80% of the day eating. They eat a variety of food such as grass, leaves, fruit, vegetable roots, etc. But, one thing is their favorite. It is the tree bark.

Two reasons for this are that tree bark contains a lot of calcium, and second, it is useful when it comes to digesting food. Elephants digest half of the food they eat and that half of food also needs something to digest. Tree bark aids in the process. In other words, tree bark helps elephants indirectly to gain energy from the food.

Another favorite thing they do is a little interesting. They dig up the soil with the help of their tusks. Tusks have two big white teeth around their mouth. With their extreme power, they make deep holes in the soil and eat pieces of the soil. Soil gives them minerals that are vital for them.

Do Elephants Eat Grass and Leaves?

Yes! These giants are herbivorous. It means they feed on plant material. As grass and leaves are parts of a plant. They love eating it. From the thick grass to the wild fruits and flowers they can eat almost any type of vegetation!

They can not only eat plants but they can also chew the whole tree. That’s shocking!

Do Elephants Eat Meat?

Elephants are vegetarian and they do not eat meat. But, surprisingly, 5% of their diet does consist of meat. Sometimes, to fill their protein requirement, they eat bugs, ants, and bird eggs. A little cheating in their strict diet is bearable. So they cheat too often!

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Final Thoughts!

Just like their bigger size, they eat a lot. They eat grass most of the time. Moreover, how much an elephant eats in a day depends on where they are, what time of the year it is, and what is available. Elephants are continuous feeders. It means they will eat the whole day whenever food is available. Typically, they spend 16 hours daily eating. An adult elephant can eat up to 600 pounds in a day. It is the max they can eat on a daily basis.

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