Do Cats Curse? Myth or a Reality?

There’s no doubt that when your sofa gets scratched up or you have awkward eye contact with your cat, your sanity is pushed to a point where you think about cat curses. But do cats curse? or is it just an illusion in your mind? 

Whatever the case may be, this post is sure to help you learn everything about cat curses so you don’t doubt your cute pet or, in the worst scenario, fall victim to the feline enemy at home!

History of Cat Curses

Whether your cat actually yowls or it just can’t help staring at you, you are not the only one wondering: do cats curse? Our ancestors shared similar beliefs, and as you might have guessed there are quite a few legends as well! 

Humans of ancient times believed even further than cats, demanding physical harm against them in the form of wrathful punishments.

British people believed that their cats are likely to be able to “suck” infants’ breath. There was also a belief that cats can “cause storms”. Some even believed they would “eat their owners as Christmas dinner.”

The common perception of all these beliefs is that they are nothing more than just “myths” that were assumed based on individual assumptions, later passed off as an interesting tale.

In addition, although there are many suspicions against cats, there are some cultures and civilizations that do not think of cats as evil. This Wikipedia post perfectly highlights all of them so you could also think the other way around. 

Cats in one way or another aren’t as bad as the cursed myth suggests, from being gods and deities to symbols of goodwill on occasion.

Possible Situations When Your Cat Might Curse 

Whatever the case may be amongst the above-discussed topics, one thing is certain: the historical background does not really resolve the cat curse debate.

So, let’s address separately all of the scenarios that make cat owners think of a possible curse to finally answer our long-sought question: Do cats curse?

Cats Reacting When Taken For a Bath

Well, this is very normal. Although your cats maintain a proper self-grooming routine by licking themselves, showing they are pretty hygiene-conscious pets, that doesn’t mean they will not repel water. 

Water is most likely to be a fear for a cat when you drag it to a bath. It is rather “NOOOOO” than the little animal enchanting supernatural spells to harm you when it yowls. Basically, a cat screams and vocalizes just like we do when we are scared, angry, or in pain. 

The cat might be suffering from a condition that needs immediate attention and you should consult your veterinarian if the screaming is very severe and nowhere near being normal.

Cats Ripping Your Home Interior 

It is more of an act of disobedience for pet owners than it is an issue of getting cat-cursed! Why would anyone want their beautiful furniture filled with ugly scratches and marks? Yet, there are multiple reasons that your cat might want to tear things apart. 

The claws of cats require regular maintenance, which isn’t possible indoors without exposure to the earth’s surface or trees. Similarly, cats may scratch surfaces to indicate to their pet siblings that they are occupying a particular object or space. 

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Cats Staying Up All Night

Do cats churn spells at night and cast them while you sleep? There are other reasons more obvious to support this usual cat behavior, so it’s hard to say for sure. 

During the day, some cats rest and become hyperactive at night. This could be because they don’t feel like sleeping early because they haven’t had much to do all day. Possibly this is more like a habit they adapt from their ancestors, who used to hunt at night.

Conclusion: Is Cat Cursing Real? 

Since ancient times, cats have made exceptional companions to humans. However, doing things out of pure excitement can sometimes cause us to become suspicious of them.

Keeping everything in perspective, we do not believe there are cat curses rather than just personal assumptions based on misunderstandings. Although there are many beliefs and superstitions against the feline you had been petting for years. It’s certainly not a good idea to start thinking negatively about them too soon. 

Before you think your cat is under a spell, we suggest you get to the bottom of its unusual behavior before you start thinking about a curse spell your cat might be under.

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